Kpi 1991vg1ya 1026a010


Southbridge KPI 1991VG1YA 1026A010 includes a set of logic controllers and physical layer schemes that provides efficient coupling between the microprocessor, memory and periphery for the Elbrus 2000 computer systems.



Serial bus for communication with the microprocessor 1 GB/s - receiving, 1 GB/s - transmission
PCI-Express controller, revision 1.0a 8 lines
PCI controller, version 2.3 32/64-bits at clock frequencies of 33/66 MHz
Ethernet controller, 1 Gb/s 1 port
SATA 2.0 controller 4 ports
IDE controller, PATA-100 2 ports for 2 devices
USB 2.0 controller 2 ports
Audio interface controller, AC-97 2-channel stereo
Serial controller, RS-232/485 2 ports
Parallel interface controller, IEEE-1284 width DMA supports 1 port
Programmable universal input-output (GPIO) controller 16 signals
I2C interface Channel 4
SPI Interface Support for 4 devices
Interrupt control subsystems 2 PIC + 1 IOAPIC
Timers System timer and watchdog


Process 130 nm
Clock frequency 250 MHz
Chip area, mm2 112
Number of transistors 30 million
Enclosure Type / number of pins HFCBGA 1156
Case dimensions 35 x 35 x 3,2 mm
Supply voltage 1.2 / 3.3V
Maximum power consumption 6 W
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